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*If you are donating "In Memory" of someone, please send an email to with the donor's name and contact information and the name and address of the family of the individual that the donation is being made in remembrance of.

Plymouth Community United Way Campaign Chairs

1944          Clarence H. Elliott

1945          Frances J. Walsh

1946          Frances J. Walsh

1947          James Gallimore

1948          Patrick McGuire

1949          Paul Johnson

1950          Robert Stewart

1951          Norman Marquis

1952          Lewis Goddard

1953          Harry Roberts

1954          George Witkowski

1955          Mrs. L.B. Rice & George Witkowski

1956          Mrs. Edwin Rice & Sheldon Baker

1957          Richard Daniel & Mrs. L.B. Rice

1958          Carl Shear

1959          Robert Barbour

1960          Russell R. Isbister

1961          Frances S. Bauer

1962          Elmer Hedlund

1963          Frank J. Palmer

1964          Charles H. Bruce

1965          John Kamego

1966          Edward W. Schening

1967          James P. Thomas

1968          Harold E. Fischer

1969          Harold F. Head

1970          Fred Sincock & Terry West

1971          Ronald Coosaia

1972          W.E. "Bill" Carlson

1973          Leonard D. Evans

1974          Donald Fleming

1975          Gil Forthofer

1976          Gene Kornegay

1977          Dan LeBlond

1978          Jim Boyce

1979          John Czubaj

1980          Gerald Triplett

1981          Roger Haslick

1982          Don Skinner

1983          Larry Wasik

1984          James Garber

1985          H. Kristene Rautio

1986          Duke Morrow

1987          Marcia Buhl

1988          Minnie Johnson

1989          Dick Egli

1990          Chris Boyle

1991          James Connelly

1992          Al Steavens

1993          Don Keller

1994          Doug Wood

1995          Jim Malinowski

1996          Jerry Trumpka

1997          Denise King

1998          Linda Langmesser

1999          Greg Foster

2000          Harry Crespy

2001          Harry Crespy

2002          Roger Ballard

2003          Rick DeBruyne

2004          Rick DeBruyne

2005          Rick DeBruyne

2006          Tom Salapatek

2007          Chuck Gaidica

2008          Bill Lawton

2009          Greg Meyer

2010          Mark Everson

2011          Jeffrey Bell

2012          Paul Hood

2013          Tony Bruscato

2014          Tony Bruscato

2015          Jim Haling



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Together, we accomplish what no one organization or individual can accomplish alone. Together, we provide an umbrella of services to help our friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors who are in need.

Together, we can meet the ever-increasing health and human service needs in our area. Be part of the change our community needs.

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That’s how we LIVE UNITED!

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