Employee Campaign Coordinator Checklist

  • Please complete campaign by the agreed date.
  • Make sure all pledge sheets are signed.
  • Give the top (white) copy of each pledge sheet to United Way, the middle (yellow) copy to your payroll department, and the bottom (pink) copy to the donor.
  • Make sure a “total gift” amount is listed on each pledge sheet.
  • If possible, attach a spreadsheet of givers and payment method.
  • Please don’t staple cash or checks to pledge sheets.
  • If you held a special event that raised cash, please either give us a check for the full amount or convert any coins to currency.
  • For leadership givers ($500 or more), please make sure they indicated how they would like to be recognized in the space provided on the pledge sheet.
  • For designation requests, please make sure they are requests we can honor – either a partner agency, another United Way, or a valid 501 (c)(3) agency.
  • Don’t forget the Corporate Donation card!
  • Please completely fill out the campaign envelope.

Contacting United Way

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments or concerns.

Plymouth Community United Way
960 W. Ann Arbor Trail Suite 2
P. O. Box 6356
Plymouth, MI 48170

Sarah Scholl
(734) 453-6879, ext. 2

Brian Pergament
(734) 453-6879, ext. 7

Nate Kiser
(734) 453-6879, ext. 8



Get Involved

Plymouth Community United Way

960 W. Ann Arbor Trail, Suite 2
Plymouth, MI  48170
Phone:  734-453-6879